Four Lesser-Known Ways to Lower Corporate Operating Expenses

As companies continue to look for ways to enhance profitability, many have made a “first pass” at negotiating new prices with suppliers for some of their operating expenses. Among our clients, we’ve seen that their efforts going back to incumbent suppliers with a request to sharpen their pencils has generally… Read More >

Three Clear Reasons Why Supplier Consolidation Makes Sense

Most of us probably have an intuitive sense that supplier consolidation saves money – less time in supplier meetings, fewer invoices to process, better leverage on pricing – but quantifying our intuitions has never been easy. That’s why I was pleased recently to read a report published by The Hackett… Read More >

Can Teleworking Staff Reduce Your Overhead?

At ACC, we typically focus on reducing indirect operating expenses for our clients. For most companies, however, it’s people who make their business possible. Since human resources also represent a major expense category, we look for ways to enhance staff productivity to further leverage profits. Salaries, insurance, benefits keep people… Read More >

Resolve to Trim the Fat in Your 2015 Budget

The new year is almost upon us, and everyone is focused on setting goals for 2015. While you’re making plans to get fit or some other worthy achievement, don’t forget to set some goals for saving your company money. Your business health depends on it. If you’ve resolved to trim… Read More >

Want to Liberate Your Staff? Make Some Rules.

One of the big trends that has swept over business during the past couple of decades is the concept of empowering people on corporate team to make their own decisions. The concepts of enhancing job satisfaction by giving people more latitude and enhancing customer service by letting an individual do… Read More >

Six Ways to Reduce Corporate Travel Expenses

Traveling can be affordable when planned in advance, but unfortunately for many businesses, meetings come with a short notice. All of the last-minute flights and hotels can eat up your annual budget, but don’t just write off the mounting expenses as the cost of doing business. There are several things… Read More >

An Illustration of Why Competitive Bids are Critical for Infrequent Purchases

A few days ago, one of my project analysts alerted me to a “situation” with one of our current clients.  She had noticed that the way their billing with a major national linen rental company had been set up, one location of this company was paying twice as much for… Read More >

Considering a large capital purchase? Let’s talk about the benefits of a reverse auction.

Earlier this year, ACC introduced a reverse auction technology tool to allow our clients to get the best pricing possible on large, one-time purchases.  Early experiences suggest that new service will be a very popular addition to our many ways to save money.   The reverse auction process is very… Read More >

A tip from the healthcare world — create formularies to control and focus purchasing

One of the purchasing techniques used by many healthcare providers to control expenses is to create specific approved product lists by category.  Each list, known as a formulary, limits what product buyers may purchase without gaining specific higher approval. The biggest advantage of this approach is to focus spending on… Read More >

How to roll back creeping bank service charges

Bank service fees on your corporate account can easily add up to thousands of dollars per year.  In a world of near-zero interest rates on bank balances, companies frequently find themselves in the position of paying their bank to hold their funds.  January is a common time for banks to… Read More >